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Bangles are the rigid counterpart of the flexible bracelets. Worn as an adornment on the wrists, they used to be used symbolically during the early years. In India, married women wore them on their wrists to indicate their civil status. In ancient Egypt, a Scarab bracelet was worn to signify rebirth and regeneration.

At present, bangles are among the most versatile kind of jewelries. They are worn wrapped around the wrist, and can be fashioned using different materials and in different shapes and sizes. They can either be worn as a single piece, or stacked together to make a bold fashion statement.

These Silver Forte bangle collection showcases a broad variety of adorable bangles that are perfect for all occasions. They come in three different styles that will suit any personality, outfit, or look. For the simple and straightforward look, our plain silver bangles are the perfect choice. These slim bands come in a variety of designs that will complement a casual or chic look. To match your moods and personality, the charm bracelets make a pretty fashion statement. Dangling charms can be worn singularly or in combination with other charms to complete the look you are aiming for. They also make a great gift idea for the special ladies in your life. And lastly, if you want a hint of quiet elegance in your look, these cubic zirconia adorned bangles are perfect for achieving a sophisticated and feminine look. These bangles come in different colors and designs that feature crystal clear, sparkling cubic zirconia studs.

Whatever your style may be, our collection of bangles is sure to have one that suits your preference. These bangles are stylish and chic, and will never go out of style. They also make a perfect gift for your loved ones on their special day. 

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