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Murano Glass Collection

As jewelry is an important part of an outfit; what if I tell that you can have all the beauty of Venice architecture on your hands? This place was named undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man and it has the most popular design movement inspired by a new era of energy, jazz and dance in the twenties; now the spirit of an island like Murano and its fame in Glassmaking is on the design of each ring, bracelets, necklaces and more.


The style we see in this jewelry its inspired of Millefiori, one type of Murano Glass that is made with various layers of colors to create beautiful flower-like patterns, like its name meaning: ‘’A thousand flowers’’.

Our materials are made by the hands of only professionals from Italy. Using original technology certificated. Including tools like crystalline glass, enameled glass (smalto), golden glass (goldstone), multicolored glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo), and imitation gemstones made of glass; conserving the legendary process with the glass rods made by metal pole with small mass of molten glass on it.

We acquire the original Murano glass in our jewelry made by experts in Italy. We use silver .925 Sterling Jewelry to be exact.


The combination of a fine murrines and high quality silver makes our jewelry products unique, and most important, long – lasting items.


The availability is endless, since we cover the most important categories: Murano Millefiori Bracelets, Murano Millefiori Rings, Murano Millefiori Pendants, Murano Millefiori Necklaces and Murano Millefiori earrings.

We manage size variety for a good customer experience, coming from a size six on rings, to a nine. The diversity of the styles can be antique, modern, light, heavy, exquisite, squared, curve, flat... Some influenced by nature: animal inspired like butterflies, spiders, silver flowers or colored ones, and all the beauty of the glass-making in Venice.



We have Authenticity Certificates:

Authenticity that the item sold by Silver Forte is purely .925 sterling silver jewelry.

Alan K. and his signature design authenticity of the accompanying Murano Glass Jewelry. Also hand crafted by Murano Glass Artisans on the Island Of Murano; protected by the Marchio Del Vetro Artistico Di Murano Trademark, verifies that was made by an approved Muranese Glassmaker.

The Designer:

We know that accessories are a visual attraction. As Murano is well known for their glass art making, this style was born when one of the best designers of jewelry meets glassmaking in a visit to Italy and decides to use it as a jewelry inspiration; and now you can wear it. You can reach elegancy, lighting, sweetness or a fancy color boost on your look with Alan’s K artwork.

Alan K has been in the industry for years. After studying at jewelry art schools in France, he went on to Cyprus and Monaco to create jewelry designs for various companies.  He settled down in Los Angeles and now his designs are exclusively distributed by Silver Forte. 

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