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A lovely jewelry ensemble often has the necklace as its main focus. All the rest of the ensemble – the earrings, bracelets, and rings, are mixed and matched to complement the necklace and create a seamless, harmonious look.

The right necklace is always the one that will enhance your best features and highlight the look that you want to achieve. This is why our necklaces come in a wide range of styles and designs to suit your particular preference.

Silver Forte’s fashion necklaces are bold and trendy, specifically designed to create a look that’s fashion forward for glamorous events, or timeless and classic for formal occasions. Best paired with casual, everyday outfits, the statement pieces are sure to make you stand out among the crowd. For more subdued and formal events, the fine necklaces are the ideal choice. These are the simple, elegant necklaces in silver, gold, or rhodium finish with a straightforward designs such as precious stone accents. Our necklaces in clean, streamlined fashion are classic pieces that will highlight an evening or formal, business outfit. Our fine necklaces are also versatile pieces that can go from crisp, business look during the day, and chic, formal elegance for evening wear. 

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