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Looking for the perfect gift for a special someone? Silver Forte’s jewelry sets are the perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and other special milestones. Our collection includes matching earrings and pendant/necklace sets in lovely designs and colors that will flatter any look for all occasions.

Nothing makes a woman more beautifully put together than these jewelry sets. They come in plain silver, with your corresponding birthstones or any colored semi-precious stones, pearl sets, cubic zirconia sets, and millefiori sets. Each piece is exquisitely made to the tiniest detail, the earrings strikingly complementing the necklace or pendant, and vice versa. Opt for the stunning appeal of the classic pearls, with their quiet sophistication. Add a splash of color to your day with the birthstone and semi-precious stone sets in stunning, brilliant gems. For a dainty, bright and lively look, the millefiori Murano glass sets are the perfect choice with their vibrant patterns and designs. Whatever the occasion is, there is a lovely jewelry set in our collection that will complement your look.   Or, give them as a gift to someone to wear at a special event. These jewelry sets are perfect for brides and bridesmaids, for the aspiring prom queens, and the pretty debutante.  

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